Any art which the artist use their voices or bodies, as well as other objects to convey artistic expression is known as performing arts. Several disciplines are all included in performing arts as performed in front of an audience for entertainment. Music, dance, theatre, drumming, and others are all classified as performing art. This article will, however, focus on samba band, marching band, and drumline, which are performing arts in New York.


Samba band is a group of performers whose job is to create, perform or display a dance of joy and celebration at events, carnivals, and other gatherings. They are lively and rhythmical in their performance. Fogo Azul NYC samba reggae band is an example of a samba band group in New York which has incorporated elaborate tricks, turns, and acrobatic feats into their basic set of samba music products. The main attribute of this samba band is the use of back and forth stepping in time while drumming difficult musical patterns, and having extensive upper body choreography.  It is the samba band music, with something otherwise known as the "bounce" action that gives the dance and drumming a look and feel that is unique.  We are experts at drumming while moving and marching and dancing. 

Although this action looks quite difficult to master, members of FogoAzul NYC and other samba band drummers work hard to produce effortless and carefree action dance that is gentle, and rhythmic, while playing their drums, which must be felt through the knees and ankles, requiring knee pads to be worn. Samba band performers in New York are at home with playing original Brazilian musical instruments which include surdo, dobra, repinique, and caixa. Samba band music, with its distinctive rhythm, is highlighted with a tempo of about 100 beats per minute. This is what spurs and encourages people to dance in the streets during events. Samba reggae music is slightly slower with more deliberate movements.  Distinctive samba steps performed by samba bands, or rather samba dancers, include Voltas, Bota fogos, kick change, samba side steps, and samba strut, while the drummers of FogoAzulNYC have movement in the arms and upper bodies all while stepping side to side in rhythm and time.

Describing some samba band instruments, there is;

The Surdu – This is a large bass drum that keeps an even pace.  In FogoAzul NYC we call it the "heartbeat".  There are two of these tuned to a 5th apart.  The lowest pitch drum traditionally plays on beats 1 and 3, while the next highest pitch drum plays on 2 and 4.  This "heartbeat" creates a trance like constant bass line that gives samba reggae it's distinctive bass and driving feel. 

The Timbal – This has a conical shape like an ashiko, made of light material to allow carrying for hours on the street, and can as well produce a deep bass and treble light tone created by striking the rim.  This is a hand drum.  The timbal is a drum traditionally used in religious ceremonies in Brazil.  Having nearly become obsolete, a musician and performer named Carlinhos Brown revived its use in Brazilian Music.  He is the founder of the group Timbalada in which the Timbals have the prominent role.  

The Caixa de Guerra – This is played with drumsticks similar to marching drums and produces sharp rhythm.  It is a typical snare drum seen and used in traditional American band music. It is called the "war box" as snare drums were once used in battles to denote instructions to the troops on the battle field.  

The Dobra:  This is the equivalent of the third surdo in a traditional samba band arrangement.  Our dobras play what we call the "off beat" contributing to the same reggae swing.  They also play the "melody" of the rhythms and a call and response play by play with the repinique.

The Repinique:  The repinique is a small drum similar to a caixa, played with two plastic whippy sticks in samba reggae.  It is used in both samba and samba reggae.  In samba, it is traditionally played with one wooden stick and the hand.  However, in FogoAzul, we use plastic sticks.  The repinique plays musical arrangements that are vivacious and attention getting.  Fast rolls and rim shots are used to play the calls that the dobras respond to.  


This is a group of people made up of instrumental musicians that perform while marching either for entertainment or competition. Brass, woodwind, and percussion are some of the instruments that are typical of a marching band. In New York, most marching bands are associated with schools, military, organization, or just a music group. They have their name, colors, and symbol. FogoAzul NYC "marching band", minus the wind instruments is a drumline, specifically a Brazilian drumline.  Marching bands, as well as drumlines perform at outdoor activities like sporting events, carnivals, competitions, and also at indoor concerts with the infusion of songs, traditions, and flair outside performances offer. The categories of marching bands are by age, gender, size, instrumentation, type of show performed, and marching style.  


Drumline New York, or drumlines, have been around at sporting events for decades now--meaning there are many drumlines that play at basketball games, and sometimes soccer games in NYC.  The ones typically seen at Madison Square Garden have Topnotch sound and high-tech innovations.  These things are what draw the appeal of their admirers, especially in Madison Square Garden. Their drum can set off LED lights around its edges thereby giving the instrument a remarkable visual panache. All their players have experienced percussionists and excellent drummers. Drumlines in New York have contributed a lot in the area of outdoor events meant for everyone’s delight.   


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