Yes! We are available for your parties, weddings, gala’s, fundraisers, races, birthdays,
engagements, or whatever you can have a group of women drumming at!

What You Get

  • We make great event openers AND closers, doing both with a bang!
  • We don’t come with less than 8 drummers for any event
  • We don’t play for less than 20 minutes (unless negotiated)
  • We don’t align ourselves with any political parties

All income generated from shows goes directly to covering costs of the band.

This includes drum maintenance/repair, costumes, rehearsal rental space fees, storage space fees, and liability insurance. While we love doing shows for free, please understand and keep in mind that without performance fees we cannot sustain ourselves. Giving us food and tickets to your event is appreciated and thoughtful, but it doesn’t cover our monthly fees.

If your event is not subway accessible we will need to negotiate how to get us there because we really don’t have cars here in NYC!

Besides a negotiated fee, our requirements to perform are: a safe space to keep our personal belongings, as well as water for all of us (NYC’s tap is fine!)

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