This is Our Story.

Batala New York Women Drumming

Our history starts now.

June 2016. Batala New York Women Drumming

New York City’s Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Band, Brazilian Band.  A medley of it all!

FogoAzul NYC had been brewing in the brain of Stacy Kovacs for a few months.  Batala New York Women Drumming

Starting in January, 2016, Stacy had the desire to expand on the repertoire of her band, Batala New York, possibly including a marching band.  Unfortunately the nature of Batala, Batala New York, and the global project didn’t allow a stray from the required musical arrangements given to her from her Maestro.  With a lot of emotions Stacy walked away from, and dissolved the entity Batala New York City.

July 2016:  FogoAzul NYC comes to reality when Stacy and Marcus Santos of Grooversity join forces and her new group joins the Grooversity network.  Stacy hits the ground running, and starts “newbie” rehearsals for the new group….15 women, new drummers, show up regularly to help get this party started.  Logos are drawn, ideas thrown around, new music being learned.  It’s a creativity project in the works.

August 2016: Dany Johnson of Batala New York joins Stacy and together they create the ideas and project.  12 members of Batala New York reach out to Stacy to join the new group.  FogoAzul reaches nearly 30 members.

September 2016: The drums are wrapped in our flame vinyl, our drum head stickers are placed, and we had our debut at Astor Alive! in Astor Place on September 17th.  What a bombastic start to our new chapter of all women drumming in NYC.

October 2016: Some of us headed to Boston for the Annual Honk! Festival and played with Marcus Santos and Grooversity. Then, adorned with blue LED’s, we put on our drums and made our way up 6th Avenue in the Village Halloween Parade.

November 2016: We represented the Brazilian NYC Marathon runners at the Marathon Opening Ceremony in Ventral Park and then played as the first band the runners see off the Verrazano Bridge!

December 2016: Now 38 members strong, we celebrated the Winter Solstice with Make Music NY and strolled through Rockefeller Center, Little Brazil 46th Street and ended in Times Square. Joining us were about 15 extra noise makers with us and had a blast!

January 1st, 2017: Happy New Year! FogoAzul welcomed 2017 leading the plungers down the beach for the 2017 Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge.  It was a sight to see and a great way to head into the new year.  A week later we were back at it again with the El Museo del Barrio Three Kings Parade.

February 2017: Happy Carnival! FogoAzul NYC first kicked off the Lunar year with our first appearance in the NYC Chinese Lunar New Year Parade! Year of the Rooster!!!! We then took to the streets and played for the V-Day One Billion Rising rally in Washington Square Park with Eve Ensler. What a powerful night. We ended the month with a party at SOB’s Brazilian Nightclub for Carnival, with Marcus Santos and Grooversity!

March 2017: We brushed off the Carnival glitter and closed out the Manhattan College Women’s History month celebration. That same weekend we celebrated women’s history month at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Wow, kids are so talented!

New York City’s Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Band, Brazilian Band is taking NYC by storm!  Batala New York Women Drumming


Batala New York Women Drumming