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“The groups strong rhythmic presence was perfect for bringing the end of the procession. And the drum roll FogoAzul played with Blue Man group was just the perfect exclamation point the festival needed!”-The Village Alliance
batala new york
batala new york
batala new york
batala new york
batala new york

Women Drummers, Marching Band, Samba Reggae Percussion Band
FogoAzul NYC is part of the Grooversity Network!
Bringing drumming to communities near you!!
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We can drum at your party, wedding, gala, fundraiser, race, birthday, or engagement! We get parties started or end them with a bang!

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Blue Man Group New York City's Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Band, Brazilian Band

In The Spotlight

We’ve had the honor of sharing the bill with such well known artists as: Reggie Watts, Cyndi Lauper, and we opened for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour. We’ve performed at festivals & parades around the city and made television appearances at places like:

 Women Drummers, Marching Band, Samba Reggae Percussion Band

The New York City-based all-women Brazilian Samba Reggae drum line Fogo Azul (Blue Fire) was born at the intersection of founder and Buffalo, NY native, Stacy Kovacs’ passion for Samba Reggae, her deep respect for its cultural roots as a music of protest and resistance, her belief and activism in support of gender equality and her sense of civic duty in the current environment to publicly awaken and inspire women to resist oppression and exercise their power to uplift society —loudly.  Launched in 2016 as an extension of Marcus Santos’s Samba Reggae-based Grooversity education project, Fogo Azul NYC is an age and ethnically diverse community of women who span the drummer spectrum from novice to professional.

With a corp of more than 60 members and growing, dressed in vibrant blue, the Fogo Azul drum line is a sight to behold. The group makes a memorable visual impact and its aural and vibratory presence fills performance venues.  When marching in parades they can be heard and felt by spectators well before and after the impressive band with its powerful Brazilian polyrhythmic layers played with infectious joy and energy on surdo, dobra, repinique, snare drums by the drummers who move, en masse, in a syncopated, side-to-side step has passed by.

We have performed at many events!

As an opening act at NYC’s S.O.B.’s, a roster highlight at the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday event and the Bronx Museum’s Boogie on the Boulevard, to marching in major NYC parades including the NYC Dance Parade, The Dyke March, the Halloween Parade, entertaining fans at sporting events, and private affairs—lead by its exuberant and engaging director Stacy Kovacs, Fogo Azul’s thunderous heartbeat-based music and unique energy is a must-have experience.

Want to learn to play drums with us?

Fogo Azul is currently accepting new members, previous drumming experience not required.

We strive to make drumming accessible to women no matter their skill. We take absolute beginners and give them the tools to drum. Additionally we believe that music and rhythm is in every human and animal on the planet, and if you give them the means, they will find their inner rhythm. For thousands of years women in many cultures were not allowed to touch a drum. Women were often relegated to dance while the men played the drums. We’re taking that stereotype and turning it on its head. Formerly known as Batala New York City, FogoAzul NYC has now taken the mission of Batala New York City and expanded it to be less profit seeking and more community oriented.
We seek to bring music and dance to all communities regardless of ability to pay for our shows. Spreading the culture of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil is our passion. Our music is Samba Reggae based, which originates from the state of Bahia in Brazil. Our women play this music with pride, our Artistic Director traveling to Salvador 4 times to play in Carnival with Cortejo Afro, an AfroBloco.

Drumming with a bigger family!

Additionally, FogoAzul is a member of the Grooversity Drumming Education Network lead by the fabulous Marcus Santos. Grooversity is the innovative and creative drumming system that Marcus has developed for education and entertainment purposes.
It promotes community outreach and social change by targeting diversity awareness. This multi-city percussion project is creating a network of people. Grooversity’s network includes people of different ethnicities, ages, and races. It portrays a positive message by engaging communities to appreciate diversity, support civil rights, encourage self-esteem, and most importantly, enjoyment.
The Grooversity system is Marcus’ original drumming compositions based on the traditional Afro Brazilian rhythms, which he has combined with a world music perspective and a modern approach.
Grooversity is fun, interactive and inclusive. Every person and instrument is equally important and essential for the ensemble. Some patterns are intricate and challenging for the most experienced professional drummer, and others are simpler yet equally important patterns for the amateur player. In fact, the simplest patterns are the most important components of the ensemble because they keep the other elements together.
Grooversity brings activism to an entertainment level and has engaged communities worldwide in Saskatchewan (Canada), Potenza (Italy) and Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wyoming; in the USA.

Women Drummers, Marching Band, Samba Reggae Percussion Band

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All money we earn goes to keeping the band running and is used to pay operational fees.
All donations are greatly appreciated – if you feel so inclined, you can donate through Fractured Atlas.

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